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uPVC Cleaning

uPVC Cleaning

We clean all the uPVC on your home or business window frames, doors, roof line, cladding and porches.

In recent years the demand for uPVC, a maintenance free product installed into homes has grown, wood seems to be less of an option. Gone is the staining, painting, sanding down, filling, lengthy labour time and costs.

uPVC is marketed as maintenance free, but it does need cleaning.

This is sometimes overlooked and with the majority of uPVC being installed in a white colour this can become unsightly.

The weather causes much of the problems for uPVC, leaving deposits of algae an unsightly green colour.

Black streaks caused by the rubber beading around your glass, and guttering becoming blocked, filled with leaves and moss causes rainwater to overflow and again gives the guttering black streaks.

Road traffic emissions also give your uPVC a dull off white/grey look.